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Programs and Classes


3-5 years

Language Classes for Native Dutch Speakers

5-14 years

Dutch as a Foreign
Language Classes

8-18 years

For all pre schoolers and kindergardeners between 3 and 5 years old. Whether they speak little or a lot of Dutch. Once a child has turned 3 they can join the class
as long as they are potty trained. The child can join throughout the school year and
tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

During the lessons, the emphasis is on developing Dutch language skills through play, songs, story time, crafts and conversation.

We work with the teaching method ‘Puk & Ko’ for the toddlers and ‘Ik & Ko’ for the preschoolers. The two age groups are in the same classroom and will get joint lessons as well as specific ‘tasks’ for their age group.

For children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old who want to be able to return to a Dutch education in the Netherlands or Flanders.

These classes is also very recommended for children whose primary language is English.

We strive to have all children in this age group to reach ‘Native Language level’ of Group 3.

At this age children learn to read and write and learning a second language comes naturally.
Via Group 3 they will receive the best fundamentals of the Dutch language.

Group 3A and 3B (2 years)
The curriculum of Group 3 (normally 1 year) will be covered in a 2-year period in order to build a good foundation in this crucial phase of language development.
Children who are 5 years of age as of September 1st can be admitted to this class, if they master enough Dutch vocabulary.

Children up to and including 8 years of age can start with Group 3A lessons.
After Group 3A follows Group 3B.

After completing Group 3B parents and teachers can determine whether the student should continue with either ‘Native Language education’ or to switch to ‘Dutch as a Foreign Language’ (NvT) classes.

Aspects of language skills taught: speaking, listening, reading, writing, spelling and general language study.

In Group 3, the Dutch method ‘Veilig Leren Lezen (VLL)’ is primarily used.
Group 4 to 8 (grades 2 to 6)

We also teach Groups 4 to 8 Dutch to students who have accomplished these levels. We work with the lesson method: ‘Taalactief’.

For students who have not had much exposure to the Dutch language. The educational goal for these students is to achieve good verbal skills and to be able to communicate with Dutch family, or to follow further education in the Netherlands or Belgium.

As of 14 years old, students can obtain a Certificate for Dutch as a Foreign Language (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal, CNaVT).

The CNaVT has various profiles. The students follow the profile best suited to them.

We are an official site for administering the Certificate.

These lessons are focused on achieving good verbal language skills using different themes and situations, enrichment of the vocabulary, the correct pronunciation, grammar and conversational skills are taught.

Lesson methods include ‘Hotel Hallo’, ‘Op Schrift’, In Gesprek’, ‘Mondeling Nederlands’ en ‘Zebra’ as well as various different educational media that aim to make the class as interactive as possible.
NvT – level 1:
– for children who can read and write in English and do not speak much Dutch (yet)
– ages: 8-11 years
NvT – level 2:
– for children who have passed NvT-1
– Ages: 9-12 years
NvT – level 3, 4 and 5:
– for children who have passed NvT-2, 3 or 4
– ages: 10 – 18 years

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