Taaltuin | Registration and Fees
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Registration and Fees

Registration and Course Fees

Our school welcomes all children from the greater Cleveland area, who want to learn Dutch. Registration of new students takes place after review with the Head of School and possibly with the education specialist. After an intake interview, the parents and school decide what group/class is best suited for the student. Sometimes an admission test is given to the student to determine his/her level. We offer also to participate in one class to see how classes are held. Upon registration the parents are asked to fill out a registration sheet and medical form and pay the tuition for one semester.


Students can start classes two times/ year: in September or February. We advice to start classes in September, although it is well possible for children to come into the program during the school year if they have a satisfactory knowledge of Dutch.


Please remit  the requested forms (registration and medical waiver) and your payment to:

De Taaltuin / Nederlandse School Cleveland
2750 Landon Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122


Registration of existing students happens automatically with a registration form, send to the parents. Please verify the information on the forms, sign and include your payment for the semester and send to the remit address. If interested new students are disabled or need specific support, the school will discuss the needs with the parents and determine how the school can accommodate the student.


Registration fee: $25.00 per child upon registration.
Tuition semi-annual: $400.00 per child if the registration fee is NOT sponsored by a company.
$700.00 per child if sponsored by the company of one of the parents/caretakers
Tuition is refundable up to the first day of class, minus $100.00 for class material already purchased.